Hello, you have reached the website of the Cedar Rapids, IA area Lyne (pronounced Line) Family. We are Tony (aka Dad), Devan (aka Mom), Alexis (aka Firstborn Daughter), Brooklyn (aka Secondborn Daughter), Jazz (aka Golden Retriever PuppyDog), and Jellybean (aka Fuzzy Cat). Please feel free to look around and learn a bit more about us.

Our life together began around April 2002 when we moved into an apartment/condo complex at 780 Magnolia Lane in Marion, IA. The apartment was nice and contained 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and had around 980 square feet of space. It was managed by High Property Management of whom we would never recommend to anyone that is looking for apartments/condos in the Cedar Rapids, IA area. They charged us ridiculously high rent and did not handle maintenance issues in a quick manner (e.g. Had to make 3 phone calls in a week to have them fix the building front door). They changed the tennant policies without consulting tennants. When we moved in pets were not allowed but about 6 months later the woman above us was able to buy and keep a dog that would run back and forth through her condo making all kinds of noise constantly waking us at all hours of the night. And finally, when you move out they take at least 50 percent of your deposit regardless of how well you clean the place. We spent days cleaning the condo and it looked better than the day we moved in. We were contemplating taking them to small claims court but figured it was just not worth the effort for a few hundred dollars. Now we just hope this website manages to show up in some search engine results for anyone looking to be a future tennant/owner of their properties.

After getting fed up with condo/apartment living and throwing away our money into our landlords pockets we decided to go house hunting. After a few weeks of looking around and setting requirements we made an offer on our first home. The offer was accepted and we began moving in on February 23rd, 2003. The home is officially addressed at 447 Bezdek Dr NW in Cedar Rapids, IA. It is located in a nice quiet neighborhood developed in the early 1990's.

After dating since early 2002, Anthony (aka Tony) and Devan finally got married on March 11th, 2006. We are both employed by Rockwell Collins in Cedar Rapids, IA. Tony as a Senior Software Engineer. Devan as a Senior Administrative Assistant. We purchased our dog Jazz (purebred Golden Retriever) on April 13th, 2003 and have thoroughly enjoyed his companionship throughout the years. Jellybean was owned by Devan shortly before we became a family together. You can learn more about our pets by visiting the Pets page. Our children, Alexis Brianna Lyne, and Brooklyn McKenzie Lyne were born on January 7, 2009 and December 27th, 2010. Find out more about them on the Kids page.

We are now getting close to entering our 8th year of living in our first home and things are starting to get a bit cramped with our growning family. We still love the neighborhood and our house so it will be difficult to move on if we decide it's time to upgrade in the next few years.

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